Artistes contre la guerre
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Artists against war
mercredi 22 janvier 2003, par Marie-Pierre Vincent

The original idea was to ask all sorts of artists, photographers, painters, graphists, designers, sculptors, create a work againsts war, againsts any form of war, any where in the world, a work which would represent what they want to express on the subject.

A contemporary work, using the mediums which are theirs, writing, sketching, colors, shapes, objects,...

This proposal is open to any artist.

The works would lead us at first to an exhibition in september in Saint-Etienne and probably to a publication.

The participating artists agree to forego their author’s rights for the exhibitions and publications, on the net as well as on paper.

The second stage would enable us to think over a possible sale by auction of the works, and the money collected would allow us to carry out plans for schooling children in different countries at war, or after war.

If you are interested in these projects and willing to take part, just let us know.

Marie-Pierre Vincent

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